Beauty blog PR campaigns
We have strong relationships with the UK's most influential beauty bloggers, having worked with them on a regular basis since blogging was in its infancy.

By reaching out to influential beauty bloggers to review your beauty products or services, their readers (your potential beauty-loving consumers) can read real reviews about what your brand offers, while being able to converse with the bloggers if they have specific questions about your products.

A beauty blog PR campaign is particularly effective as it generates coverage of your brand across the internet very quickly and offers a direct 'call-to-action', as people can go straight to your website/your brand’s selected online retailer at the click of a button.

While PR companies usually provide a blogger outreach as a bolt on to normal press activity, Style with Substance focuses solely on blogger campaigns, thereby getting much better results for its clients.

Blogger campaign testimonial:
Within weeks of commencing our social media campaign, we saw sales leap.We had record weeks with sales at at an all-time high. This early success became the catalyst for investment in a broader campaign and we will now have almost doubled our sales target.”  
Allisyn James, Marketing Director, Boots Smooth Skin by iPulse

Brand blog writing
A brand blog is an essential part of 'content marketing' and is only going to become more important, so it is imperative that you have a relevant, engaging and informative blog on your brand website as part of your marketing mix.

It can be hard for brands to continually come up with engaging editorial for their brand blogs and write their articles to a high standard, or even to find the time to write regular blog content at all. Style with Substance can manage all your brand blog content for you.

With a background in both journalism and marketing, Jenni at Style with Substance understands how to create an engaging editorial schedule and write editorial-standard blog articles that are relevant and appealing to your consumers.

We can write persuasive copy across any form of beauty brand communication including websites, brochures, advertising, on-pack, point-of-sale and PR material, in your brand's tone of voice. Recent copywriting clients include Cowshed, Superdrug, Debenhams and Selexir.

A copywriter does more than just get words down on paper: copywriting is intrinsic to conveying a brand's identity and this comes down to a consistent tone in language that is targeted to your consumers. If a tone of voice hasn't yet been established for your brand, we can do that for you.

Copywriting testimonial:
Jenni has been a key element in the success of two new ranges that we launched this year. One of Jenni's many talents is that she puts her clients first and immerses herself in the brand she is working on. The result is copy that is spot-on, unique and delivered on time. Jenni has this amazing gift of adapting her style to many beauty categories (be it cosmetics, bath and body products, etc) as well as product demographics. If you need a great copywriter that works effectively and is not precious, then Jenni is the person you should talk to - you will get the results you want."  
Nadia Collins, NPD Manager, Cowshed

Copywriting examples: all website text for premium skincare brand was written by Jenni at Style with Substance.

All on-pack copy for Cowshed-owned beauty range Cheeky was written by Jenni at Style with Substance.

Social media consultancy: Style with Substance provides consultancy to help you understand the social media landscape and the possibilities for your beauty brand. We can then put together a social media marketing plan in line with your objectives and implement it among your teams.

Brand consultancy: If you are a new beauty brand looking to break into the beauty market, Style with Substance can provide guidance, insight and advice on the beauty industry to aid a successful launch.

To find out more, email or call 0777 309 7771.